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Charity Organizations and Their Variety

Charity Organizations Charity Organizations and Their VarietyVarious types of charity organizations exist to help society or individuals who need help. Those types of organizations are nonprofit organizations in which they do not required to pay tax since they operate to serve public. Most governments worldwide encourage their society to donate their money to those organizations. They should pay certain amount of tax that later on from that tax, the donation will be taken. Generally, there are five types of charity organizations that you may donate to: charitable, educational, scientific, religious, and literary or artistic. Those organizations offer different field of charity based on their name.

Types of Charity Organizations

The first type of charity organizations is charitable. This type of charity organization consists of several kinds such as disability organizations, homeless shelters, hospitals, youth programs, health care clinics, military groups, and many more. The second type of charity organization is educational that include colleges, schools and universities, museums, conservations and so on. Scientific is the third type of charity organizations that include research groups, chemistry groups, astronomy groups and many others. Religious organizations include mosques, churches, synagogues, seminaries, etc. The last type of organization runs in charity is literary or artistic organizations that include orchestras, theater groups, symphonies, poetry organizations and many more.

Common Types of Charity Organizations

Aside from the aforementioned charity organizations, there are three common kinds of charity: the charitable companies, unincorporated associations and trusts. The charitable companies (also known as incorporated associations) have limited liability that is registered to Companies House. The second common type of charity is unincorporated associations are the smaller organizations and the third type of charity is trusts. A trust is a small organization of charity that is run by small amount of people with simple administration. The trustees in a trust are chosen by the trustees who have already worked and they can work in the office as they wish since there is no time limitation. So, they will distribute certain amount of fund from a will left by certain people for a particular purpose.

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