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Children Charities in the United States

Published on December 5, 2013, by in Charity.

Children Charities Children Charities in the United StatesThere are many children charities in the United States that still operate despite of the bad economic condition in that country. Based on the data in the Center on Philanthropy in Indiana University there are $303.75 billion donation in 2009. It means, despite the downturn, Americans still donate to the charity organizations they usually donate. Talking about the amount of charity for children, there are more than 1.5 million public charities that are especially made for children spread all over the United States. If you want to be one of contributors in those charity organizations, you should know the detail of each charity organization.

Several Children Charities You Can Consider

  1. Big Brother Big Sisters of America (BBBSA) as one of many children charities was built to guide young children ages 6 to 18 to about how to face difficulties in life by giving them role models. It is licensed by the Better Business Bureau since it completes all 20 standards for charity accountability.
  2. Save Children was built to change children’s lives all around the world. It provides helps for areas attacked by natural disaster by providing children with food, medical care and education.
  3. Children’s Defense Fund was built to rise children’s poverty and protect them from any abuse.
  4. Child Find of America was built to solve problems of runaway, missing and abducted children.

It is Simple to Donate in Children Charities

Some people might think that it will be complicated to donate to children charities because there will be many procedures to follow but actually it is not. You just need to determine which charity you will give your donation, either local or national charities. Then, you should verify whether the charity you choose is classified as a nonprofit organization or not. Furthermore, check the charity organization to the Better Business Bureau whether there is any complaint concerning charities or not. In addition, choose a charity that is suitable with your criteria.

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